About Me

Hiya, I'm Georgie.

About 2 years ago, I saw a film called Cowspiracy. It's not one I'd recommend watching with popcorn, but I'd still recommend that everyone watch it. It changed the way I see not only the food I eat but the state of the world we live in.

Climate change is something we all know about, but for me, it took the message being delivered in that format for me to truly listen to the alarm going off in my head, that had been on silent mode all this time.

And I began the journey into the very extremes of changing my lifestyle drastically to live with our planet...

My partner, however, had a different take on what that should look like...

I am an idealist who will try all the DIY tips and tricks to live the low impact lifestyle, as we are the movement that will save the world. Believing that plastic is the devil, convenience is for the weak-willed, that weird and wonderful ways to shave my legs are a fun experiment and keeping a tub full of worms in our garage for composting technically counts as having pets!

While my realist, down-to-earth boyfriend, who cares for the environment just as much as myself, believes that it is the 21st century and convenience is a blessing, that science will solve everything very soon, until a new material is found then plastic is unavoidable in modern life, weird and wonderful experiments are fine but don't throw out all of his toothpaste, hair gel, and deodorant just yet please! ... And lets just not talk about the worms to our friends, okay?... Plus, if the world goes to hell, we can just live in space and move to Mars right?!

The combination is a hilarious journey between two people attempting to reduce our impact on the earth while living in our modern age of convenience, security, and health. The resulting compromises are what I'd like to share with you lovely people on this site.

So for any extreme environmentalists at heart who want to make a difference to our world, but are struggling against the tide of modern day society (or just your families!) welcome! Let's share our experiences to push through and make a difference!

Because every little choice we make towards a sustainable future will save the world :)

Thank you for reading!