Travelling as a Vegan: Paris adventure!

If you think that following a Plant-Based Diet or being vegan means you cannot fully experience a culture or place, especially one so known for its food as Paris, then think again!

How, you might ask, can Vegans possibly survive a trip to somewhere like Paris, with all its pastry shops, cheese covered delicacies and avoid temptation? 

Well, in this post here are a few ways you can have your authentic French (vegan) cake and eat it!

To me, the very best way to travel vegan anywhere in the world is to use Happy Cow!

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Happy Cow is not just for Vegans. They have a library of well-reviewed eateries all around the world for most dietary requirements, but I find their Vegan selection a life saver for wherever we travel.

They have a website and an app avalible on both Googleplay and the App Store, super handy for spur of the moment cravings!

Using this app will help you with the three tips below.

Tip #1: If you want pastries,
you can have them!

I'm a baker at heart which is fueled by my sweet tooth. It's not a rare occurrence for me to have the craving for baking well after midnight or for cakes to fill the kitchen at the weekends. So you can imagine that walking through the streets of Paris set my sweet tooth into overdrive and Chris had to hold me back from being the crazy person pressed up against the glass of a bakery, window shopping all the delicate, and flaky delights within!

So what's a poor Vegan with a craving for cakes to do?

Find a vegan patisserie!

Image result for cloud cafe pastries parisImage result for cloud cafe pastries parisImage result for cloud cafe pastries paris
Photo credits - Top left: veggiemagnifique, Top right: Happycow, Bottom: tastefulpantry

We walked into this cafe and I was bouncing off the walls with joy (and that's before the sugar!)

There is something about being vegan for a while which really makes you appreciate food in a whole new way. Depending on where you live, being able to walk into a shop and know you can eat everything in it guilt free isn't an everyday thing. But when it happens... it's like Christmas. Chris recently found out he could eat Gingernut biscuits and it made his day!

And we made the most of it, grabbing snacks for the rest of the day, along with breakfast for the morning, which even after carrying them up and down the Arc de Triumph, was so worth it in the morning!

We choose to stay outside of the city in a wooden caravan camp with a lovely forest view and cozy kitchen. It was both cheap and relaxing after all the walking we did around the city the day before.
Tip #2: Still want to try some French classic's,
just look it up!

     Having only been to France as a teenager and being very squeamish about snails and frogs legs, I still wanted to try some French classic's, unfortunately, cheese and meat are a generous part of those classics.

Lucky for us, some wonderful souls have veganised french cuisine and with a quick Happy cow search, we were on our way to Brasserie Lola!

Image result for brasserie lola parisImage result for brasserie lola paris    Image result for brasserie lola paris
Photo credits - Top left: herbivoresheaven, Top right: peacockplume, Bottom: cherryvegzombie

Here we went to town on ordering all the classics from Croque Monsieur to a fully loaded Tartine, and finished off with a grand Banana Split (Which is not French, but I'm a sucker for whipped cream!)

Tip #3: Make it yourself!

     When traveling on a budget, going to restaurants and cafe's for every meal is just not feasible, but experiencing Paris doesn't have to cost the earth!

What is more French than a simple freshly baked Baguette? Not very much for under €10.

(Please note that shopping for fresh bread is a morning activity in France and that finding it after lunch, may turn into quite the adventure as we found out!)

So, if like us you have somewhere to prepare food, make a picnic for the day and soak in the culture while saving money! 

Our favorite sandwich combination is avocado with cherry tomatoes
 on fresh bread with a little sea salt, yum! :)

So there are my top 3 tips for traveling as a vegan, I hope they help you on your next adventure!

Where are your favorite places to travel in the world and what tips would you recommend in tricky situations? :)